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For a good part of the world, slots and fruit machines are the same thing. When some thinks about playing slots, an image of 3 oranges falling into one line after a good spin come to your mind. Well, you can relive those moments today by playing our classic fruit machine slot games for free. We have Created for you - FruityBar. A Fun and easy to play casino game.

So... How did you feel after playing this free fruit machine slot game? Nostalgic, right?

I am sure you did. This game used to be so awesome when it originally hit the market. People went crazy for this. Companies made a lot of profit by exploiting the people's desire to see 3 Bananas in one single row on the slot machine. This game probably gave birth to the casinos in its modern form.

Playing at a Casino is always a lot of fun. There are lots of games you can play Roulettes, Blackjack, Bingo, etc. But the thrill that you can experience with slots is just amazing. All you have to do is spin the wheel and watch your luck unfold right infront of your eyes. Simple, Fun and if you hit the Jackpot - then Lucky as Hell!

We hope you will come back to CasinoFruit.org to play more of our free fruit machine game and we hope you loved it.

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Fruit Slot Theme Games: Popularity Over the Time

Nowadays, slot machine games have revolutionized the way people have taken online gambling. With literally 100s of themes, these games are some of the most interesting propositions a person could ever think off. One of the popular forms of themes is the classic fruit machine games.

What are Fruit Machine Games?

These games have interactive and eye catchy themes to talk. The games have received a reception among real money players, for their simplicity in themes. Right from, oranges, bananas and apples as the main symbols, the games with the theme have received their fan base have grown in large numbers.

Almost all the top developers have developed their forms of fruit themed games. This is one of the rarest forms of slots, which has a prevalent list of three reel games to play. The bonuses in such games are easy to obtain, and they have higher RTP rates than most of the five reel counterparts.

How do you Play Them?

Almost all the developers have their versions of fruit themed games, which allow punters to choose among their favorite ones. Even free players can enjoy some of the free pub fruit machine games, without having to spend single money. The rules of common fruit themed games include,

  • Wilds: Games such as 40 Super Hot online, Super-Hot fruits have an interesting payline, which sees Wilds having an authoritative power. The Wilds appear with an ability to perform as stacked symbols or have a payout. Aside from this, the Wilds usually has their common ability to replace all low payout symbols except for scatters.
  • Number 7: If a gambler must have seen in real life casinos, number 7 is one of the famous symbols of games with such themes. Number 7 in some games works as Scatters, in games like 40 Super Hot, while works as Wilds in games such as 20 Super Hot. The symbolic payout of hitting 7 in most of the popular fruit themed games assure jackpot.
  • Fruity Images: This is common for all slot machine games, to contain grapes, cherries, watermelons among the regular payout symbols.

Are Fruit Machine Slots still Popular?

Slot machine industry is moving to large heights, with newer themes having to see many takers. However, the cult developed by these free old slot games with fruit themes is yet to be matched by many. While talking about takers, fruit machine games are miles ahead of many other global themes. For many top-level slot players, fruit-themed must have been their stepping stone in this industry.